So you think retiring is easy?

After 30 plus years I thought euphoria would hit me instantly the day I walked out of a company that had employed me for all this time. Euphoria did hit me and it lasted one day. “A plan” they asked, “do you have a plan for when you are retired?” “No, of course not, I will wing it and see what will come my way”, I said. Two days in and panic struck me. When you are in denial about your own personality, such as being a busy body for one, having directed my energy into the “mothership” for all these years I was somehow at a loss within 24 hours of “retiring”. Now what? I don’t know how not to be busy. I was important, I contributed, I made a difference, I earned an income! However, the minute I walked out that door after handing in my fob, my ID card, that was it for me. Sure, I made a difference, but now I am a memory for those who stayed behind.

Two days later some friends came over and one said something to me as I had expressed my anxiety towards my expansive freedom of time. “Why not embrace this time of your life. Retirement can be a temporary phase and you don’t have to immediately go and find your next purpose in life. If you decide to look out your window into your backyard for an afternoon then so be it. Enjoy it and embrace it”.